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How COVID-19 Set the RV Camping Trends in 2021

The travel and hospitality industry has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions lessened hotel and inn check-ins. Some travel agencies are even forced to close due to too few customers. Fortunately, traveling is still prevalent through camping with RVs.

Due to the increased demand to practice physical distancing, RVing has become the most viable way to travel these days. It has been the trend last year and is still the trend in 2021 moving forward.

Impact of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it called for a change and adapt to a new way of living, working, eating, shopping, socializing, and going to school. All these activities can be done anywhere as long as you’re online. This newfound freedom has made people itch for travel safely.

Infectious disease experts believe that there is no exact timetable when the pandemic will end. The increase in the number of infected people calls for the continuing adherence to social distancing and lessening of social density.

The traveling public has postponed their travel plans from 2020 until 2021. Most likely, the only travel they will have is within the country. However, there are still apprehensions in planning to travel too far ahead due to concerns on sanitation, quarantine, and refunds.

Presently, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds is engaged in a discussion with the government to make campgrounds as temporary lodging for travelers. The RV parks and campgrounds are the best places to promote social distancing while promoting quality time outside of people’s homes.

COVID-19 cases are extremely high at the moment that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds the public to avoid travel, especially air travel. The requirements for air travel are changing every time that it might be difficult to keep up and might cost you a ton of money.

Traveling with an RV is safer

If you’re itching to go out of your houses and travel, the safest way would be to travel via RV. RVing or RV rentals continue to be the preferred option for traveling for a long-distance vacation to national parks and state parks in 2021.

  • First, you get to travel on wheels in the comfort of your “home.” RVs have built-in restrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. You no longer have to go to a public restroom or restaurant and risk getting infected by the virus. You don’t have to share these facilities with other people.
  • Second, although there might be other campers in the RV parks or campgrounds, there will still be physical distancing. You don’t have to brush shoulders with the people around you while camping. You get to do your thing and not talk or ask for anything with your camping neighbor.
  • Third, RVs are efficient and wide enough to sleep in. If you cannot fit inside the RV, you can always set up a tent outside your unit. This is advantageous because you no longer have to check into a hotel or motel and risk interacting with people you don’t know. Moreover, this saves you money for accommodation.
  • Fourth, you will be able to maintain your standard of cleanliness. Eating out and using the public restroom can make you anxious thinking about how the staff cleans their facilities. Since you are the one occupying the RV, then you are sure of how clean and COVID-free your unit is.
  • Fifth, a lot of campgrounds and RV parks by the National Park Service are closed or delayed opening due to the pandemic. However, there are still a lot of privately-owned grounds open, all adhering to certain rules for protection against the spread of COVID-19. This is much safer than huddling in a place where tourists frequent.

Higher RV sales during the pandemic

Unsurprisingly, RV sales are high during the pandemic, with the demand growing due to the changes in the way people travel. Last year, wholesale shipments of RVs was at its highest in June since October 2018, with more than 40,000 units shipped out. The opening of businesses prompted the desire to do road trips and buy RVs.

People see RV travel as a safe way to go out of their homes and travel. This type of travel minimizes the risk of catching the virus, which is the biggest selling point. Another reason for the higher demand for RVs is the low price of gas, reaching its lowest point in 5 years.

The pandemic also impacted how manufacturers make their RVs. With people working remotely and can work even while traveling, manufacturers are now looking into creating a unit that has space for working systems that can be stowed away when not in use.

Aside from traveling, people also use RVs as a means of isolation. Some customers use the units as quarantine facilities during this health crisis. These RVs can also be a temporary residence for individuals due to necessary work.

Get an RV now

The first thing you should do is research the type of RV you want to get. You can choose either a towable or motorhome. Generally, motorhomes can be smaller than towable ones. If you want a towable, you should have a spare car that will tow the RV.

Second, you should choose whether to get a new RV or a used one. A new RV has the latest technology, lesser risk of any defects, but can be a bit more expensive as to the selling price and insurance price. On the other hand, a used RV is cheaper in selling price and insurance but might have maintenance issues.

Third, figure out how to fund your RV purchase. If you have a lot of money, then you don’t have to think about the budget. However, if you are constrained financially, you can opt to apply for an RV loan. Look for a lender that has the best offers fit for your financial status and financing needs.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people deal with their daily lives, including traveling. With the increasing thirst for traveling with the risk of contracting the virus, the demand for RVs and camping has increased significantly.

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