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Practical Tips for Digital Nomads with Pets

If you're a pet owner who dreams of becoming a digital nomad, RV life may be for you. When you're traveling by RV, you don't have to worry about hassles like checking if your pet is allowed to fly a certain airline or preparing them to navigate overwhelming airports. RV life is a convenient way to get around while accommodating your furry friend's needs. That said, it takes some advanced preparation to become a successful digital nomad. This guide covers the steps you should take to ensure the RV life works out for both you and your pet.

Decide what kind of services you'll offer as a digital nomad

The term "digital nomad" is pretty broad and encompasses all kinds of fields, from coding to writing and beyond. Before you make the leap, decide exactly how you'll earn your money. Traveling Lifestyle has a list of jobs that are suitable for digital nomads, including translation, social media management, tutoring, transcription, graphic design, affiliate marketing, and programming. When deciding what path to pursue, consider what skills you already have and whether you will need to get any additional training or credentials to enter the field.

Set up the administrative side of remote working

Before you get to the fun part, like figuring out where to travel to, take care of some admin. Determine if you'll have a home base, an address where you'll be registered as you travel around. This will determine your tax requirements. Depending on your tax situation, you may need to pay state taxes to the last state you lived in. For instance, states like California and Virginia are known for trying to maintain tax jurisdiction over former residents even after they leave. You'll have to prove that you've moved to avoid taxation. Talk to a tax pro for help.

Get your RV has the tools you need to go remote

If your RV is going to serve as your literal office on wheels, you'll need to equip it accordingly. Useful tools include mobile data signal boosters, a portable electric power station or solar panel station, a laptop stand, and a portable desk and chair. If you need the internet to do your work and want to avoid paying huge phone bills, scope out RV campsites that offer WiFi. Another option is to use coworking spaces that offer free Wi-Fi. You can research coworking spaces online. Some have country-wide networks for a subscription fee.

Build and maintain a strong business network

One of the dangers of digital nomadism is that it can be isolating. Make sure you're connecting with potential customers and business partners regularly. Establish an online presence and take part in digital events—and, if possible, in-person events. Have business cards on hand for meeting new people. They're more long-lasting than an email and can make a great first impression. You can design your own cards using ready-made templates. Just take the template you want and tweak the images, text, and colors to your needs.

Create a pet-appropriate space in your home-on-wheels

You want to ensure that your four-legged pal is comfortable in your RV. Set aside a corner in the vehicle that has all their essentials, like their bed, toys, and food and water dishes. To keep your pet healthy while you're on the road, feed them high-quality food. For example, grain-free dog food is preferable, as it has fewer carbohydrates and promotes healthy digestion and weight management. Red Barn could be helpful for comparing food options. Look for foods that come from high-quality sources like poultry, fish, and meat.

Scope out RV-friendly work locations in advance

One of the great things about traveling by RV is that you'll enjoy great accessibility to many urban and rural areas alike. However, beware that not all campsites are RV friendly. Use an online database like Find RV Parks to scope out RV parks to confirm where you can go. You can search using a geolocation function, or you can input specific states and cities. When you find an RV park that you want to visit, add it to your favorites to save it for later. You can then create an RV-friendly route across the whole country.

Find ways to save on travel, tech, and pet-related expenses

RV life can be a great way to save money—if you play your cards right. For example, you won't have to pay rent for an apartment or house. Look for ways to save on your RV essentials. For instance, if you need to buy technology for your RV, take advantage of deals on Cyber Monday to cut costs. When it comes to buying pet supplies and food, bulk purchases can be more affordable. Finally, be vigilant about saving on gas—one of the biggest expenses for an RV. Use an app like GasBuddy to find affordable fuel.

Make sure your pets are cared for while you're working

As much as you'd love to spend all day cuddling your pet, you'll have to buckle down and do some work as a digital nomad. Make sure that your pet is occupied while you're busy. Getting them games and toys can help keep them amused. There are even TV shows made specifically for keeping cats and dogs amused. For example, cat TV might show birds. If your animal needs a little extra attention while you're busy, look for a dog walker or pet sitter in your area to care for them.

Have a plan in case of work or personal emergencies

You never know when an emergency may strike. It's good to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios. For example, know who to call if your RV has mechanical troubles. You might keep your local AAA card on hand. Another point to consider is what to do if your pet gets sick. Having a general veterinarian is helpful, but they may not be accessible if you're traveling far away in your RV. You can use online tools like Bring Fido to find veterinarians throughout the United States.

The RV lifestyle can be a lot of fun, especially if you've got your furry friend by your side. Prepare for your digital nomadism in advance—for example, by stocking up on high-quality food for your pet and getting business cards you can use for networking. These preparatory steps will save you stress later.

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