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RV Tips for Family Road Trips

RV Tips: Making the Family Road Trip a Success

Road trips are one of the most popular types of family vacations, and for good reason! When you take a road trip, you get to visit many different destinations, explore areas at your own pace, and get to know the most interesting and out-of-the-way parts of whichever region you are venturing through. Road trips can create lifelong memories and allow your family to spend quality time together.

If you have kids and want to make the most of your next road trip, consider traveling by RV and turn your next family trip into your best vacation yet!

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Why RV Road Trips are the Best

When you travel by RV, you’ll basically be driving your “home” with you everywhere you go. You and your kids will feel safe and comfortable, no matter your location, because you’ll always be coming back to sleep in the same beds after the day is done. It also means you only need to unpack once, a HUGE bonus for many.

When you camp in an RV, the world is your living room. You and your kids can enjoy being outdoors more, exploring, playing, and spending time together. While RVs can be limited on indoor space (depending on the model), the outside world becomes your backyard wherever you park. RV trips can even save you money, as you’ll be able to cook your own meals and save by staying at RV parks that are much less expensive than hotels.

Tips for Planning Your Family RV Trip

If you want your family RV road trip to be a success, remember that planning an RV trip is a little different than a traditional vacation. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose your campgrounds wisely

    Before leaving, determine your style of camping. Do you and your family like to hike and explore nature? Or would you prefer scheduled activities and access to amenities? When choosing RV campgrounds, research what each has to offer, especially options that will suit your children.

  2. Plan your stops

    Even small RVs present a parking challenge, so be sure you’re aware of good places to stop and make lunch or eat snacks. Plan at least one stop per day where kids can work off some of their energy. Attractions, roadside overlooks, and other areas with ample parking and room to play are your best options.

  3. Have a rainy-day plan

    No one wants to be stuck inside for hours when on vacation. But a little planning ahead will help make the most of any rainy days you may encounter. Bring games to play, books to read, or activities for your kids to do when they are stuck inside. Even watching a movie together is a fantastic way to spend time together while waiting for fairer skies.

Remember that no vacation or RV road trip ever goes according to plan 100% of the time, so remember to have fun and enjoy each moment, even if there are unexpected twists along the way. The point of any vacation is to spend time with those you love, so make the most of it together!



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