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Take Along Good Health When You Travel

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you want to get the most out of the experience. You’ve made plans, bought tickets or prepared your car, reserved a hotel or rental car, and arranged business meetings or sightseeing excursions. But the key to making it all work is keeping yourself healthy and safe. Today, Find RV Parks shares some tips on how you can make your next adventure a healthy and safe one.

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Before You Leave Home

During the pandemic, we all got used to masks and hand sanitizers in our pockets, and as it turns out, they’re still perfect traveling companions now that the pandemic has receded. Masks and hand sanitizers can help prevent picking up all kinds of airborne or surface germs and bacteria. Sani wipes in small take-along packs are essential for wiping down the surfaces you come in contact with on airplanes, rail cars, buses, and rideshare vehicles and taxis. Paper, disposable masks are better at keeping airborne germs away than cloth ones, so have several in your carry-on and pack more in your luggage in case they aren’t readily available where you're traveling to.

Take all your prescription medications with you in your carry-on instead of your stowed luggage in case the latter becomes lost. Just be sure they’re packed in a TSA-approved manner. Prepare a first aid kit of over-the-counter meds like pain relievers and fever reducers, as well as cough and cold tablets, antibiotic ointments, and antihistamines. Extras like bandaids and salves for heel blisters and eye drops for the dry air in airplanes can come in handy, too.

Last but not least, take some time to declutter your surroundings. That’s a great way to reduce stress since messes can often have a negative impact on our subconscious and raise our stress levels if we aren’t careful.

Avoiding Food Illnesses

Drink bottled water if you travel outside the US, or purchase a self-filtering bottle if you’re vacationing in parks and want to take advantage of stream water.
Pack your own healthy snacks as much as possible, like protein bars, trail mix, veggie sticks, and whole grain crackers. Avoid eating high-calorie sugared foods that can leave you feeling sluggish since they cause your blood sugar to drop shortly after you consume them.

Choose your restaurants carefully. There are apps you can download to your phone that will help you find places to eat near you that serve the most nutritious meals or advise healthy options for wherever you stop to eat. They can even point you to dining options that serve vegan, kosher, or vegetarian. Avoid places that serve undercooked fish and meat options, as they are the most likely to carry a risk of food poisoning.

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Exercise Tips

When choosing a hotel for your business or vacation travel, one of the amenities you should look for is an indoor gym or pool. Keeping up with your regular exercise routine can reduce your stress, help you sleep, and keep you energized.

If your travel means a long car ride, take frequent breaks at roadside welcome centers that often have room to walk and stretch your legs. If you’re on a long flight, it’s important to keep the blood flowing in your legs by taking frequent walks around the cabin, as well as some small exercises you can do right from your seat.

Keep Careful Records

Carrying pertinent documents with you, like your passport, airline tickets, and boarding passes, should be secured in a pack or money belt that you can carry close to your body to prevent them from being lost or stolen. And make copies of them before you leave home should anything happen to them when you’re far away.

Don’t carry all your cash, traveler’s checks, and other currency with you, but instead, try to carry only what you think you’ll need that day while putting everything else in the hotel’s safe.

It’s also a good idea to have your medical records available at all times in case of an emergency. Storing them online in the cloud means you can access them from anywhere. It’s best to store all your records in a PDF file, but that will mean being able to convert various medical documents into a PDF format. Here is a PDF converter that can do that for you by simply dragging and dropping all your files into one easy-to-access folder.

With some planning ahead, like having first aid supplies, your medical records on hand, and a plan for healthy eating and exercise, your vacation or business trip can be as safe and healthy as if you were in your own home.

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